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GRB 16 - Circle Solo

From Scratch Series

3rd Solo piece of 2021 by Circle/John M

1st ever Solo piece offered direct


This piece was made over an 8 week span, July-August of 2021.

The main color used in this piece I named "Whole Milk". I batched and pulled this color in mid 2019. During this run of color, 3 furnaces were used producing approximately 95lbs of color total. The main colors produced in this run are named "Whole Milk", "Skim Milk" (clear encased Whole Milk), "Cream" & "1/2 and 1/2" (Clear encased Cream). I also made a series of single tube overlays of various colors during this run which remain un-named. These single pulls have been used on various pieces over the past few years and labeled as "experimental" with a brief description. 

The main color used in this piece, "Whole Milk", is a richly saturated blue/silver color. It easily turns whitish, but the color isn't simply white. There are a whole range of colors seen on closer look. It's hard to capture it in photo. I've photographed it under 3 different lighting conditions, on-white, on-grey and Uv. Each add to the whole of how it looks in hand. 

The Reticello section was produced using a new technique I stumbled upon a few years ago using stringers. I'm very happy with the results.  This 132 line reticello uses GA Jackpot over NS Turbo Cobalt, White, GA Jackpot over MB Dopamine UV and NS Illuminati UV over GA Yellow Crayon.

Also accenting this piece is a unique Nonametech furnace pulled tube. I particularly liked this tube once it cooled. It's always a bit of a surprise how a nonametech pull will turn out until it's pulled and cool. It's a process with a bit of randomess involved. This tube blends at least 7 different colors: NS Blue Moon, NS Steel Wool, NS Illuminati Uv, GA Jackpot, White, NS Jet Black and NS Lokis Lipstick. This technique incorporates bench work, lathe work and furnace work to create the free-form flowing look I'm aiming at achieving. I love the rigid and technical crispness that borosilicate can yield. It is one of the things that sets it apart from other types of color glass work, specifically soft glass furnace work. Soft glass can so easily achieve flowy organic blends of color. This flowyness is one of the things I'm most "jealous" of softglass for.  Technical rigidness is much less common to see in soft-glass work and that quality probably makes soft-glass artists equally jealous about boro. Nonametech represents my best efforts to create the flowy colors seen in soft-glass and present them in a piece offset against the technical & bold lines so iconic to high level borosilicate line work. 

Thank you for looking,

John M/Circle

Signed, Dated and Numbered #3 of 2021 

  • nonametech furnace tubing pull
  • Mobius Borocolor "Whole Milk"
  • 66 Stringer Line Tubing (GA Jackpot over NS Turbo Cobalt, White, GA Jackpot over MB Dopamine UV, NS Illuminati over GA Yellow Crayon)
  • 18 Stringer Line Tubing (GA Jackpot over NS Turbo Cobalt)
  • NS Galaxy Pinlines
  • White Pinlines
  • Reticello Sections
  • Nonametech Sections
  • Doublelayer Bowtie Bottom Section
  • Hand beveled and dotted
  • full color bowl and downstem with MB Whole Milk matrix filter
  • Includes full set of photos (26 photos) printed on archival paper and high resolution photos included in digital format (flash drive)
  • One 11" x 17" photo poster printed on archival paper. Signed and Dated
  • All furnace color, prep work, final assembly, coldworking, photography and prints by John M/Circle 2021


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