Did your Mobius break and you'd like to have it repaired?

Glass breaks. This fact can be exceedingly frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking. We understand this, but we also need to state we are not responsible for glass that breaks outside of our shop... because glass breaks.  So, for absolute clarity, we ARE NOT responsible for any glass break of any type once a product leaves our facility. Everything that leaves our shop has passed through a rigorous QC process. Furthermore, everything our retailers offer for sale should have been inspected by the retailer prior to sale, to further rule out manufacturer defects or accidental damage while on the shelf.  These safeguards catch almost every single manufacturing related issue that could exist. For the details of our refund policy, please click here.

With that said, there are two options available to you if you have experienced a breakage:

  1. We refer ALL Mobius clear work to BB at Glass Repair 805 or @glassrepair805. We have recommended his services for years and his work is well known for cleanliness and his success rate is very high. If requested through BB, we can offer genuine Mobius parts to BB for his repair services, if you'd prefer the broken parts to be replaced with our branding if lost. This type of repair upgrade is not included in his standard work and will increase the price of the repair. Please contact Glass Repair 805 directly with all questions pertaining to clear Mobius repair work.
  2. If your broken Mobius contains color, we will consider repairing it in house. We reserve the right to pass if the repair seems impossible or our current demand prevents taking on any extra work. If you have a colored Mobius in need of repair, please contact us HERE. 

Thank you!