Knockoffs are a problem. It started around 5 years ago, seeing exact copy knockoffs poorly produced overseas containing our stolen logo. For a company of our size there is no logical legal recourse. The legal costs don’t justify pursuing an international cease and desist campaign. So we deal with it in this way.

  • Make our products undeniable in their authenticity through quality construction and proprietary glass joints

  • Mark every item with a truly unique tamper proof hologram serial code sticker 

  • Item design that is too costly and innovative to duplicate 

  • Sell only through authorized Mobius Retailers listed on our site under “locate”

If you are buying a product with our logo on it and it doesn’t pass the 4 part test above, it’s likely a counterfeit product.

If you are buying a product with our logo but the prices are drastically different than the MSRP prices on this website, you are most certainly buying a counterfeit product. 

Counterfeit Mobius products are made (mostly) in China and India. These factories employ both under age, and over worked people. The working conditions in these shops are terrible. These shops often lack ventilation and adequate eye protection, basic needs of any glass worker. Sure, the case can be made... "At least they now have jobs and no one is forcing them to do it" and on some level I understand that logic. However, it is an unsettling feeling knowing someone half-way around the world is making knockoffs of my designs and is feeding their family doing it. I don't blame the glassblowers, they don't make the decisions of what gets made, but the owners of those businesses have zero shame blatantly stealing my ideas and profiting off of them. If you are ok with that, then perhaps you should buy a counterfeit. But if you find that sort of business practice to be worth boycotting, then please support the retailers listed under the "Locate" link to purchase our products from an authorized retailer.

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