Downstem Measuring Guide

Want a downstem that fits perfectly?

Here’s how.

Locate a 12 inch long wooden spoon or wooden dowel or stick or similar object approximately the diameter of a pinky finger (so it doesn’t wiggle too much in the female joint). Insert the dowel into the joint of your pipe as straight as possible until it touches the bottom or sidewall. Once it touches, pull the dowel out a 1/2” and mark the dowel exactly at the opening of the female joint.  Remove the stick and measure from the mark to the end of the stick. This measurement is the ideal downstem length for your exact piece. All pieces vary slightly, so getting the exact measurement for your piece will ensure the best fit for your new downstem. We do not sell our downstems listed by overall length. Instead we sell them by their "working length". Note: the overall length is approximately a 1/2” longer than the "working length" due to the lip at the opening of the downstem. We measure our downstems from the bottom of the diffuser to the largest part of the outer tapered joint, just below the opening of the downstem. We DO NOT measure the entire length of the downstem, since the opening lip of the downstem sticks out beyond the female joint on your piece. The overall length measurement is an inaccurate measurement.

Hopefully this eliminates confusion prior to ordering. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us.



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