John here. 

Corona seems to have changed the world, at least for a time. I'm still trying to process it.
Here at the Mobius shop, we are under County Orders to shelter in place. All non-essential business are shut. We are non-essential. On Wednesday March 18 2020, I sent home my crew with the heaviest heart. An empty shop is so foreign. The silence in here is eerie. But here we all are and I'm doing all I can to support my family and my small crew of 3 through this house-of-mirrors we have all found ourselves in. While sheltered, I will be working solo, to support my family and carry my business through all this, to a strong post COVID-era Mobius.
I understand the health of our Nation is in jeopardy. Pausing our lives, our finances, our relationships... and hoping for the best, is what we have to do. Supporting each other locally, radiating out in circles from our homes, family & friends, to neighbors, to towns, to counties and beyond, is what we can do. We are all on this planet together, the connections are infinite and real and we feel that now more than ever.
I will be working solo throughout this shelter-in-place period, as long as the law permits... so weird. I will be making a selection of pieces simple to complex to sell, auction and giveaway. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to make a variety of things and deal one on one with you. I’m also looking forward to some much needed social interaction, even though it’s online. This will be new to me, as social distancing has kinda been my lifestyle lol. I’m usually quite private. New pieces will be coming out of the kiln daily and both posted on Instagram & hosted here on my website for sale.
Today the future is a total mystery but my faith in goodness is growing. My gratitude for all that have supported me and my business over the past 10 years is at an all time high. I'm doing right by those I love and those relying on me, because that's what we are all trying to do. Stay safe and sane wherever you are ❤️
Love + Strength + Courage
John / circle


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