Circle Solo - #2 of 2021


Nuc Matrix - Circle Solo

From Scratch Series

2nd Solo piece of 2021 by Circle/John M


This piece was made over a 4 week span, July 2021.

The main color used in this piece I named "Skim Milk". I batched and pulled this color in mid 2019. During this run of color, 3 furnaces were used producing approximately 95lbs of color total. The main colors produced in this run are named "Whole Milk", "Skim Milk" (clear encased Whole Milk), "Cream" & "1/2 and 1/2" (Clear encased Cream). I also made a series of single tube overlays of various colors during this run which remain un-named. These single pulls have been used on various pieces over the past few years and labeled as "experimental" with a brief description. 

The main color used in this piece, "Whole Milk", is a richly saturated blue/silver color. It easily turns whitish, but the color isn't simply white. There are a whole range of colors seen on closer look. It's hard to capture it in photo. I've photographed it under 3 different lighting conditions, on-white, on-grey and Uv. Each add to the whole of how it looks in hand.  

Thank you for looking,

John M/Circle

Signed, Dated and Numbered #2 of 2021 

  • nonametech torch pull
  • Mobius Borocolor "Skim Milk"
  • NS Galaxy Pinlines
  • White Pinlines
  • Hand beveled and dottedIlluminati, Loki’s lipstick, Steel Wool, Super Unobtainium line tubing
  • NS Eclipse pinlines
  • Geometriglyph MB Dopamine over NS Jet Black
  • Includes full set of photos (26 photos) printed on archival paper and high resolution photos included in digital format (flash drive)
  • One 11" x 17" photo poster printed on archival paper. Signed and Dated
  • All furnace color, prep work, final assembly, coldworking, photography and prints by John M/Circle 2021