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14"er - Circle Solo #4 of 2023 - SOLD

From Scratch Series

Colors used in this piece were pulled by me in my furnaces in mid 2019. During this run of color, 3 furnaces were used producing approximately 95lbs of color. These colors are Whole Milk, Skim Milk, Cream and a series of single tube overlays of various colors.

The main white/tan/sliver color in this piece is Whole Milk. The cadmium accent color is a four color overlay with the base color being Northstar Lava, coated with Northstar Cherry, coated with Northstar Illuminati (uv reactive) coated with crushed opal. The multi colored sections are from a handmixed technique I call "nonametech". These sections combine 6 colors and are UV reactive.  The 132 line reticello sections contain lines of Northstar Cherry over White, Gold and Sliver Fume, and Northstar Illuminati.  The accents of latticino throughout the piece use Northstar Galaxy, White and Northstar Illuminati. There are also Northstar Galaxy and White encalmo pinelines accenting the piece.  The mouthpiece, foot, downstem and bowl are handcarved with a beveling wheel. Within the center chamber there is a worked matrix filter and worked recycling cone hidden behind the outer decorative sleeve of glass. This is only visible when backlit by sunlight or highlighted with a blacklight. Many details will be found with close examination. 

Signed, Dated and Numbered #4 of 2023

Includes a signed Pelican iM2300 and ONE 8x10" signed and dated high resolution archival photo.

This piece was made over the course of 8 weeks. 


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 Purchaser can contact for the set of full resolution digital photo files by email. 


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