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Recurve #1 Circle Solo 2020

From Scratch Series

Sent to Gorilla Radio Smoke Shop in Las Vegas, NV   2.18.2020


Colors used in this piece were pulled in mid 2019. During this run of color, 3 furnaces were used producing approximately 95lbs of color. These colors are Whole Milk, Skim Milk, Cream and a series of single tube overlays of various colors. These have been used on various pieces in the past 6 months and labeled as "experimental" with a brief description. This color has been my most recent color over the past 6 months. My furnace elements are new and seasoned and ready to heat more glass. I plan on kicking them on in the next 2 weeks. Stoked!

The main color used in this piece is called Whole Milk. It is a richly saturated blue/silver color. It easily turns whitish, but the color isn't simply white. There are a whole range of colors there on closer look. It's hard to capture it in photo. I've shot it under 3 different lighting conditions, on-white, on-grey and Uv. Each add to the whole of how it looks in hand. 

The Reticello section was produced using a totally new technique I stumbled on. I'm very happy with the results. I plan on doing more of these, along with other variations of the tech. This 156 line reticello uses NS Illuminati over White and NS Cadmium stringer fade. NS Lava encalmo pinlines. 

I'm really glad to have my first solo piece of the year complete. I hope to continue to complete one or two solo pieces a month this year. Some may be very complex, dedicating a large chunk of time, and some more minimal. Stay tuned

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Signed, Dated 2020, Numbered 1

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