FSS - Str8 45

FSS CREW - Str8 45
Brief Description Color Accented Moderate Color Use Mostly Color That Something Extra
Additional Price $75 $175 $350 $100
Color bowl (clear joint) Color bowl (clear joint) Color bowl (clear joint)
This is what you select when you want something extra special added to the MC piece. This option is not available on less worked models. This will be an artistically technical component .
Color Feather Diffuser on Downstem Full Color Downstem & Feather Diffuser Full Color Downstem & Feather Diffuser
Color Section Below ice pinch and above Maria for Deep Carve Color Ice pinch and section below up to the Maria for Deep Carve Full Color Body from MP Bead all the down including the foot and bottom
Color MP/Neck Portion Color Female Joint
Color cap on bottom of Foot Full Color Bottom Can with Clear window
The Clear Sections will be: clear male joint on the bowl and Clear Joint on the Downstem