FSS - 50 T Stereo Matrix - Special Edition V1

  • Overall height 11"
  • Height to the opening of the 14mm Female joint 5”
  • 4" Diameter Foot x 12mm thick
  • Features a 28mm Stereo Matrix perc with a minimum of 150 diffusion holes 
  • 3 Sandblasted logos
  • 4 Flame polished logos
  • American made hand beveled and carved Custom Mobius Rounded hand-formed 14/20 Female Joint
  • Hand beveled and carved Mouthpiece Gather
  • Hand carved Mouthpiece Lip and Foot
  • Hand beveled and carved marble bridge
  • Unique security hologram authenticity Sticker with serial and QR Code
  • 50x5mm Body
  • 22x3.2mm Mouthpiece
  • Includes 14mm single hole clear slide
  • 50T = 50mm Body - T indicates Tube
  • Made in California

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