Circle FSS 14mm Bowl Stand, Multi 14, 5.5" Matrix DS Set

  • 14mm Custom Clear over, NS Yellow over, GA Paparazzi Angular Female Joint (American Made)
  • sand-carved Mobius Logo
  • All work by John / circle
  • signed, dated "circle 2021"
  • UV Reactive Bowl, Downstem, and Bowl Stand
  • Matrix Downstem is a 5.5" length as measured by our Downstem Measuring Guide
  • Clear over, NS Yellow over, GA Paparazzi Female Joint, White Pinlines, Mobius Borocolor Hyalite (Dopamine over NS Jet Black), Mobius Borocolor Halcyon (Vintage #2 over Dopamine) NS Yellow Male Joint, NS Yellow Accent
  • High airflow bowl, note the larger holes in the Dopamine bowl slit disc visible in video
  • hand carved with a bevel wheel and Foredom handtool