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Welcome to the new Mobius ordering system.

 About 6 months ago I made the decision to reduce the size of my crew substantially.  I'd been reducing it slowly over the past few years but the final reduction marked a change in my business.  I started Mobius nine years ago with the desire & intention to make the highest quality innovative glass I could.  As our business grew and evolved my intention never wavered, however after the first few years of Mobius, my focus moved from torch time to sales and crew management. The amount of creative torch time I needed never materialized...  So this is where a website comes in…

 A website..... This is such a different way of approaching sales, at this point I have to think of this change as a 1 year "experiment".  I put a lot of time into making this experience as simple and informative as possible. Hopefully this streamlines your ordering experience. I think it will simplify things for me, enabling far more color work to be made. More color work is our biggest request and the ultimate goal of this website.

  You are probably now thinking... "Is Mobius selling retail now too?". No. We are not selling any functional production items direct. You will see a "shop" link on the site where we are retailing small accessories and brand related "swag" but we ARE NOT selling what you are selling and we don't have any current plans of doing so. Wholesale is very important to us.

 Since starting Mobius I have never done a price increase, even though the costs of all components used in my products have gone up. Generally, prices on all pipes went up by ~$10 wholesale. Some prices went up slightly more, but in general you can expect around a $10 price increase. Prices on accessories were not changed. The idea of raising prices makes me uncomfortable but it is past due and I felt this was as good a time as any to finally do it.

 I hope this website will enable you to make your orders easily, so I can get on the torch and crank out clean color work.  This is my goal with this new ordering system. 

 Thank you for your continued business and taking part in this "experimental" ordering system.



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The "Wholesale" drop down in the Navigation menu is only visible to you, a retailer. I have marked your unique account with a special tag, which, when you are logged in, reveals ordering features that are invisible to normal website guests. If in the future you are on this website but you do not see a "Wholesale" dropdown tab, you are not logged in or you are logged in with an email address that is not your "Official" login account. Make sure you allow your browser to remember your login credentials if your computer is always in your private use. If your computer is accessible to other people/employees, please log out after each ordering session on this Website, to keep these ordering features hidden.

Regarding Payment: Please, DO NOT PAY WITH CREDIT CARD FOR ANY WHOLESALE ORDERS placed through the website. When in the "payment" portion of the checkout, click the option •WHOLESALE ORDER located just below the CC entry field.  Payment WILL NOT be required to complete your order when you check the button. We will contact you for payment when your order is boxed and ready to ship. For "Quick Orders" it will be the following day, for "Clear Orders" we will contact in 2 weeks - 3 Months (depending on current wait time) Thank you!

Under the "Wholesale" drop down you may have noticed three options... "Quick Order"  "Clear Order" & "Color Order ".  
    • "Quick Order" - allows you to buy directly off our current on-hand inventory. If you don't see it listed, it is not in stock. These orders typically ship within 1-3 business days and payment will be required on ship day, not at checkout here on the website. I don't anticipate having much on hand inventory moving forward, so your best option for orders over $1000 would be to use the "Clear Order" form. The "Quick Order" is most useful for ordering a few things here and there, or tacking a small order to a "Clear Order" which is ready to ship. 
    • "Clear Order" - This is now our preferred type of order. It allows you to order exactly what you'd like, directly out of our full catalog. "Clear Orders" typically ship 2 weeks to 2 months from order day (depending on our ability to do a partial shipment and current demand). Orders over $2k typically require multiple boxes. We prefer to partially ship your order as soon as we have enough made to fill a standard size box. This usually doesn't add much to shipping costs, since multiple boxes are required for larger orders and it gets you your glass ASAP.  We will make these orders in the order they were received. Payment will be required on ship day, not at checkout here on the website. So no need to worry... we won't be holding up your buying power while you wait for your order. Note: we have a suggested minimum of ~$750 on "Clear Orders".
    • "Color Order" - This a completely new option for all of us. This form allows you to place an order out of our catalog for exactly what color items you'd like. There are 4 variations of color work for most items, depending on how much color work/time is put into the piece. Most of these options have never even been made before, so your customers will be excited to see new things. Color Orders will ship 2 weeks to 2 months from order day (depending on how many color orders are in line ahead of you). These orders will be made almost entirely by myself (John) and will be boxed and shipped separate from "Clear Orders". Payment will be required on ship day, not at checkout here on the website.  Please limit your "color orders" to a minimum of ~$1000 and a maximum of ~$5,000.

      If you have any notes or special requests for your order, please make sure you type them into the "ORDER NOTES" field in the shopping cart. This will be the best way for you to ensure your request stays with your order and not lost in a pile of John's text messages :)

      NOTE: I designed the web-based order forms to be as "mobile friendly" as possible so ordering could easily be done on the go. Don't forget to wholesale-login, bookmark and check out these ordering forms on your phone!
      • • • • •

      If you have any questions or comments, please email us here (mobiusglass.contact@gmail.com) or send John a text @ 805-704-1920. Website design/functionality comments, criticisms or suggestions are always welcome. Shoot me a text or email to let me know what you think!

      Thank you!