The Fine Print - Quick Orders

  • If, in the past, you made your orders off of an "On Hand" inventory sheet texted/emailed to you by John (almost everyone ordered this way), you will find this new system to be quite different. Presently, we don't plan on holding much inventory on-hand since we will be focused on building clear and color orders. Please use this order form to supplement larger "Clear Orders", rather than relying on "On Hand" orders as your only ordering method.              
  • We will gladly combine a "Quick Order" with a ready-to-ship "Clear Order". We will not hold "Quick Order" items to ship with a not-yet-built "Clear Order". 
  • If you don't see what you want listed below, then it currently is not in stock. If you would like to place an order for items you do not see below, please submit a separate order using the "Clear Order" form found here. "Quick Orders" & "Clear Orders" do not require payment to submit. We will contact you for payment when your order has been built and is ready to ship. 
  • The quantities listed below are accurate up to the minute. Daily, we will add to the inventory listed on our "Quick Order" form after glass passes Quality Control. Please check back frequently to get immediate access to ship-ready glass.