Fine Print Regarding Clear Orders

  • Please place your "clear order" using the form below. This order will be built in the order it was received. We will not combine items from "Clear Orders" with items from "Quick Orders" unless the clear order is built and ready to ship. "Clear Orders" will require you to wait for your order to be built, however you have access to our entire catalog of products when you order through the form below. "Clear Orders" ship once they are completed in full. Please limit your "Clear Order" to a minimum of ~$750. There is no maximum. Note: Your order could take 2 weeks to 2 months to build and ship.
  • You may also place a "Clear Order" by simply browsing our site and clicking the "add to cart" button for any item that says "Sold Out". Note: you can combine "available" items with "sold out" items in your shopping cart, however the "available" items will ship immediately just like a "Quick Order" and the unavailable items will be put in line as a "Clear Order" needing to be built. The available items will not be held to ship with the unavailable items.
  • Order Notes: If you have special requests or any order notes, please type out all requests in the "Order Notes" field in the shopping cart (visible in the full page shopping cart, not in the "slide out" shopping cart, click "view cart" within the slide out cart). This is the best way to keep your requests attached to your order instead of lost in a pile of John's text 
  • We will send weekly updates letting you know where in line your order is, so you can prepare for ship week.
  • Regarding Payment: On ship day we will contact you for payment. A text message photo of a filled out check sent to 805-704-1920 on ship day is much preferred, but CC payment (Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX) will always still be an option. Payment is NOT required to submit your "Clear Order", but will be required for it to ship.
  • If you'd rather place your order off-line, please print out the PDF order form below, fill out and text it back to 805-704-1920 to place your order.
Thank you!

If you'd prefer a printable order form, click HERE.