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Color Orders


If you'd like to order color/fume/coldwork, I have added a "color add-on" option to the order form below. You will find the color add on options at the top of the order form.

There is a $1000 min / $5000 max for color orders. John will contact you prior to your order being made, to sort out details and take requests. We prefer freedom when working with colors, however we will attempt to honor requests.


Ignore this


Would you like to order Color Work (FSS) out of our full catalog and
wait for the order to be built?
This is called a "Color Order". Use the form below to place your order.


  • Please place your "color order" using the form below, just as you would make a "Clear Order". "Color Orders" will take time to be built but you now have access to color versions of our entire catalog of products when you order through the form below. The one disadvantage of the "order" model is you won't be able to see the color items you ordered until they arrive at your store. I see no way around that issue, but I do feel the new color options more than make up for the inconvenience of not being able to select the exact piece from a photo prior to purchase. "Color Orders" ship once they are completed in full. Please limit your "Color Order" to a minimum of ~$1000 up to a maximum of ~$5,000. Your order could take 2 weeks to 2 months+ to build and ship.
  • I plan on photoing most color items just prior to shipping. Once those photos are edited, I am happy to provide copies to you for your promotional/social media use via email or text.
  • We will send weekly updates letting you know where in line your color order is, so you can prepare for ship week.
  • Regarding Payment: On ship day we will contact you for payment. A text message photo of a filled out check sent to 805-704-1920 on ship day is much preferred, but CC payment (Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX) will always still be an option. Payment is NOT required to submit your "Clear Order", but will be required for it to ship.
  • Order Notes: If you have special requests or any order notes, please type out all requests in the "Order Notes" field in the shopping cart (visible in the full page shopping cart, not in the "slide out" shopping cart, click "view cart" within the slide out cart). This is the best way to keep your requests attached to your order instead of lost in a pile of John's text messages :)
  • Specific color choice requests should be made and attached in the "Order Notes" field, but consider them to be suggestions. John will make every attempt to honor your requests, but the colors available are in constant rotation since we are making almost all color ourselves in-house. Ultimately the color/techniques used while making your "color order" are up to John. During the week your "color order" is being built, John may contact you for suggestions/requests and he will do his best to honor those requests. "Color Orders" cannot be returned or exchanged. All sales are final. 
  • Note: Circle Solo Color Work is currently unavailable to order due to the many changes posed by this new website. Once things are ironed out, this may change.
  • If you'd rather place your order off-line, please print out the PDF order form below, fill out and text it back to 805-704-1920 to place your order.
Thank you!

If you'd prefer a printable order form, click HERE.

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